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What is the Swingbuild System?

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1. An Effective Road Map

The Swingbuild System is a clear path that allows you to develop your swing into one that is both powerful and consistent, by using exercises created around the core fundamentals of golf.

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2. Based on Decades of Analysis

Developed over the past 35+ years of teaching by our esteemed coach David Blair, our system is applicable to ALL golfers as it is based off the basic mechanics of the human body.

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3. Effective AND Enjoyable

Not only will you see your game improve over the coming weeks you will love every moment of it. Seeing progress every time you swing your club will give you a newfound love for the game.

How did it come to be?

David, who was born and raised here in Glasgow, found a love for the game of Golf early on in life. Throughout his youth he steadily improved his swing and made it as a pro coach. He moved to London where he continued to build his golfing career. All was well until he hit a serious plateau…

Stalling at the sport he loved really got under his skin, but he was determined to find a way to improve. So, he decided to look to the greats of Golf for some inspiration. After studying hundreds of different Pros and their swings he noticed something about most elite golfers; when you break down their swings all of them are the same. This gave him an idea, what if there was a specific set of unwritten rules that made every Golf Pro great? Even better, what if there was a way to figure out these rules and replicate their success?

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That’s when he started working on the Swingbuild System, after meticulously analysing tens of thousands of swings from golfers of all abilities he finally worked out exactly what made a player great. David’s system is based on the same body mechanics that all humans have in common. He started using his methods with all of his students - no matter whether they were a veteran of the game or a complete beginner - and all of them started to see great improvement.

Since then David has travelled the world and enriched the lives of tens of thousands of people through his many magazine features, TV Shows; acclaimed books and DVDs. Now he has returned and is located in Tillicoultry and is ready to help even more people transform their golf swing!

What else makes us great?

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David's Achievements within Golf

Having written for many Golf Magazines and featured in TV shows from all over the world, David has had an esteemed career that translates well into his Golf coaching.

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Cost Effective

Motivated by a desire to help as many people as possible we maintain competitive pricing. Our approach ensures we can offer very affordable Golf Lessons in Glasgow.

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World Class Technology

The state-of-the-art Golf Simulators we use are some of the best. Their multi-directional cameras and high-tech sensors allow for a comprehensive analysis of your club swing.

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Exclusive Client Base

After leaving behind the TV shows and magazines, David has more time to focus on a select group of people. When you decide to join this group, your progress is taken very seriously. Rest assured you are not simply “another client”.

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Located at Tillicoultry Golf Course

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Welcoming and Friendly environment

David is the perfect teacher for golfers of all abilities. His warm personality resonates as soon as you step into his studio. His welcoming approach has been developed over decades of working with a range of clients, from novices to elites.

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Golf Simulator

All these extra features and benefits are great but the whole experience is really made strong by the system itself. We believe the only way to see long-term sustainable improvement comes from understanding and practicing the core fundamental movements that make up the perfect golf swing.

In our Golf Lessons, while using the Swingbuild System, we don’t just break down your swing by giving you small faults and fixes to work on, we completely revolutionise your swing and build it back up from the start. This way of teaching will drastically improve your swing – whatever standard of golfer you are.




This is a great option for an in-depth introduction to the Swingbuild System, and the unique way it is taught.

*A £5 deposit will be required, this can be paid through our Book Now page*.

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30 Minute Session


If you have a busy schedule but don’t want to commit to anything (just yet) this option is ideal for a brief introduction.

*A £5 deposit will be required, this can be paid through our Book Now page*.

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What have you got to lose?

You may be having some doubts as to whether to go ahead and improve your game, you may be wondering; how do I know my game will improve that greatly if I’ve been on the same plateau for a while now? Or you may have never done anything like golf before and you’re scared your nerves will hinder your progress.

Whatever the issue all you need to ask is, what is there to lose? David’s past success speaks for itself; our system is incredibly effective and just because no other Golf Lessons have worked well so far doesn’t mean you have to give up all hope in improving your game!


“Over the years I have had lessons, the average pro checks your swing, makes one or two corrections and asks you to come back at a later date once you have had a chance to practice. During the next lesson, the procedure is repeated, but I have always found that this method of teaching has limited success. What I have tried to do is picture your swing, copy it and think about your golf manual. I could not resist the temptation to play 9 holes and despite a handicap of 20, I played the outward half in 2 over par.”

Jim McLaren, Kilmacolm

“I must admit to having reservations, after all I have read so many golf articles, bought all the Leadbetter videos, was your method going to be any different? After attending a clinic, I feel like Moses when he found the Ten Commandments. Everything I have searched for these last two years was right there. The veil has lifted. What else can I say but a huge thank you.”

Austin Byrne, Cheshire

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So what are you waiting for?

You can book a session You can book a session simply by booking online. Just think, only a few clicks then you're on your way to achieving the Golf Swing you've always dreamed of!

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