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Why do some people make the game of golf look so simple while the vast majority struggle to achieve any degree of consistency and proper ball striking? Are we missing something? Why don’t our arms and legs perform like top players?

Here at David Blair Swingbuild Golf we believe that everyone is capable of dramatic improvement and really getting to grips with this dynamic movement that is the golf swing. In fact, our technique has proved to be so successful that...

“You have my personal guarantee that we will improve your golf swing” - David Blair

We hope that you enjoy our website and more importantly that anything that you learn can be put to good use on the course, improving your enjoyment of the game.

Why Choose Swingbuild Golf?

Our Swingbuild teaching system will give you an understanding of the swing with a clear route from beginning to end. We believe that EVERYONE is capable of building a powerful, repeating swing, so let us show you how.

Our simple exercises will build the swing you know you are capable of and gives instant feedback when practicing, and is backed up with thousands of worldwide testimonials from golfers of all standards.

Learn the golf swing online or take a Swingbuild lesson and get all the information and advice you will need to take your game to new heights.

It has taken many years of studying literally tens of thousands of golfers, from novices to tour players, to realise that there are core fundamental movements that all good ball strikers perform.

We believe everyone can understand and learn. After all, as Ben Hogan said "All that is required to play good golf is to execute properly a relatively small number of true fundamental movements". In other words, the closer you get to mastering these movements, the better you play.

Let's start by saying that all tour players have this in common - they make the swing look so easy. On the other hand, if you think about the swings of your fellow club golfers you'll see a lot more sweat and effort.

If you want to hit the ball consistently well, down the middle and long - you need to learn the core fundamental movements that all good ball strikers perform. Even if you don't get it exactly right - and that does require consistent practice - you'll be much better off than trying one quick fix after another. Rather than looking at what's wrong with your swing, let’s focus on the correct movement, that’s what we teach you - the correct way to swing the golf club.

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David Blair one of Europe’s top golf teaching professionals is a name that is familiar to many golfers around the world. David had his own TV programme on The Golf Channel UK and has also appeared on The Golf Channel in the USA. He has written articles for Today's Golfer, Golf International, Midlands Golfer, Norsk Golf (Norway), Svesk Golf (Sweden) and Compleat Golfer in South Africa. David has also been the official coach to Sir Steve Redgrave’s Golden Five Celebrity/Am Golf Tour. He has produced several DVDs, the latest of which – ‘The Secret of Golf’ has been sold worldwide.

“Over the years I have had lessons, the average pro checks your swing, makes one or two corrections and asks you to come back at a later date once you have had a chance to practice. During the next lesson, the procedure is repeated, but I have always found that this method of teaching has limited success. What I have tried to do is picture your swing, copy it and think about your golf manual. I could not resist the temptation to play 9 holes and despite a handicap of 20, I played the outward half in 2 over par”.

Jim McLaren, Kilmacolm

“Providing I concentrate and I do mean concentrate on each shot, things do happen as they should. I am recommending that DB is definitely the best, with a guaranteed outcome. I’m over the moon”.

Barry Burton, Hampshire

“I must admit to having reservations, after all I have read so many golf articles, bought all the Leadbetter videos, was your method going to be any different? After attending a clinic, I feel like Moses when he found the Ten Commandments. Everything I have searched for these last two years was right there. The veil has lifted. What else can I say but a huge thank you”.

Austin Byrne, Cheshire

“In less than 3 months I have reduced my score from 107 to 85. I am very happy and I can’t thank you enough. You deserve accolades for unlocking the ‘mysteries’ of the golf swing and putting it in terms that the everyday man or woman can understand”.

Doug Martin, San Jose, California

“It all made perfect sense. I began practicing each little exercise until it felt natural and easy, then I went to the next…… for the first time in my life, I have an effective and repeatable golf swing. What a wonderful gift you have given me! Thank you so much for giving me back the game I love”.

Virgil Finley, Oklahoma City

“The whole system is so simple. I set and maintained the triangle, transferred the energy into clubhead, and suddenly the eagle and the pigeon have changed places. Thank you David Blair for the clarity of your lessons”.

Merrill Morrow, Lisburn

“Hi David – I just wanted to congratulate you on a fantastic piece of golf instruction. You have given me back a golf game, I thought had gone forever. You have taught me through simple drills and exercises how to regain control of my clubs, therefore getting back control of the ball. I would like to say in my humble opinion, that you are a golfing genius”.

Ed Goldfinch, Birmingham


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